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Products for Actel FPGA

Product Brief (PDF)

Athena's CompanionCore products have been optimized specifically for Actel devices. Information for these CompanionCores is found in Athena's Product Brief for Actel. For information about pricing and licensing CompanionCore products, contact Athena.

Cryptography and Security IP Cores for Actel

  • AES Solutions
    • Fast AES, AES-CCM, AES-GCM
    • Standard AES, AES-CCM, AES-GCM
  • Secure Hashing Solutions (SHA-1, SHA-2)
  • Random Number Generation (SP800-22, SP800-90)
  • Public Key Cryptography

Standard Deliverables

  • Actel-targeted netlist or RTL source code
  • Self-checking testbench (includes vectors, and expected results)
  • Simulation and synthesis scripts
  • Documentation
  • Support

Additional IP Cores and Services

Athena provides the following additional services and expertise to help designers optimize IP designs in Actel programmable logic devices:

  • FFT cores, including high-performance 3G LTE multi-radix
  • Software defined radio (SDR) cores, including digital downconverter (DDC), digital upconverter (DUC), numerically controlled oscillator/modulator (NCOM)
  • Signal processing cores
  • Bus interface cores
  • Contract development or custom CompanionCores
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