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DRAGON-QT: Embedded Hardware Root of Trust


Product Description

The Dragon-QT combines Athena’s TeraFire F5200 security microprocessor with Intrinisic-ID’s Quiddikey-Flex secure key management to deliver the ultimate in embedded hardware root of trust. Intrinsic-ID’s patented physically unclonable function (PUF) technology, hardware intrinsic security (HIS®), protects the keys from loss during storage, while the advanced security architecture of Athena TeraFire F5200 processor protects the keys from loss during use. The fast, efficient, and compact Dragon-QT can be configured for nearly any cryptographic operation, including AES, SHA, elliptic curve cryptography, public key cryptography, advanced true random number generation, SCA/DPA countermeasures, and more. All cryptographic operations are performed without exposing the keys to the host processor. This hands-off key management architecture allows the Dragon-QT processor to prevent loss of keys even when the host application processor is compromised.

Intrinsic-ID’s Quiddikey-Flex is a secure key management solution that provides an innovative anti-tamper solution for key protection, by dynamically reconstructing on-chip secret keys without ever storing those keys. This means that the keys are not present on the device when it is powered off, but generated only when needed on-demand using device-dependent unique PUF. Quiddikey-Flex makes use of the unique device fingerprint originating from deep submicron manufacturing process variations. It defeats the most advanced invasive hardware attacks on the key itself by simply not storing the key. It is also able to extract a unique and unclonable identifier from any device, greatly simplifying key management and distribution.


  • NEW- DPA Countermeasures
  • NEW- AMBA AHB master bus interface with integrated DMA Controller
  • Quiddikey Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) technology from Intrinsic-ID
  • Integrated Quiddikey-Flex secure key management
  • Flexible and dynamic key programming of multiple, cryptographically separated keys
  • Complete Suite B cryptography solution
  • Supports RSA, DSA, Diffie-Hellman, and elliptic curve cryptography operations
  • Optional integrated AES, GCM, SHA, and SP800-90 true random number generator functions
  • Optional iRNG true random number generator
  • Gigabit AES
  • Hundreds of public key cryptography operations per second


  • Superior anti-tamper and anti-cloning protection based on Hardware Intrinsic Security™
  • Invasively reading out a memory will not reveal information about the key
  • Tampering with the memory will not reveal the key
  • No key present at power-off in the system
  • SCA/DPA countermeasures protect keys while in use
  • Autonomous operation minimizes host processor load
  • Programmability enables adaptability to future standards
  • Integrated AES, SHA, and TRNG ensure minimum power per operation

Applications: Hardware root-of-trust; Boot memory validation; Secure element; Sensitive government applications

Markets: Internet of Things (IoT); Bluetooth low energy (BLE); Mobile; Defense

Available Deliverables:

  • Simulation model ( Verilog or VHDL)
  • Synthesizable RTL (Verilog or VHDL) and scripts
  • Targeted, timing closed netlist
  • FPGA netlists
  • Verification suite
  • C Software for Host Processor (CAL-PK) and X5200 Executable Firmware


  • 12 months maintenance and support included