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The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an all-weather radio navigation system that can be used to determine position, velocity, and time. GPS is rapidly becoming an indispensable part of the national information infrastructure and is poised to become a pervasive technology that is included in many conspicuous and inconspicuous applications.

Our dependence on the GPS is continually growing, and GPS signal integrity monitoring and interference mitigation will become mandatory. The unrealized threat of terrorists exploiting our increasing dependency on the GPS is clear. However, losses due to unintentional GPS interference are real and are occurring now. Interference detection and mitigation capabilities are necessary but were expensive to implement prior to Athena's development of the Athena Digital Excision Processor Technology (ADEPT) family of GPS Anti-Jam (AJ) processors.

Athena has completed the development and implementation of the ADEPT GPS AJ processor under contract from the GPS-JPO and the US Air Force. The ADEPT component is able to continuously monitor the GPS frequency band, identify potential narrowband jammers, and dynamically eliminate these unwanted signals from the received signal with an adaptation rate/response time of as little as 5 microseconds.

Originally developed in 2001, the ADEPT GPS AJ filter uses Athena’s most advanced FFT processing technology. This technology dynamically converts the incoming signal to the frequency domain, analyzes the power distribution within the band to compute the mean and standard deviation, and then, under software control, eliminates any subbands which exceed the maximum allowed power — those deemed to be interference. The spectrum is then converted back to the time domain and passed along to the receiver without the signal contribution of any jammers.

Since the calculation/elimination of interference subbands is performed on a dynamic basis every 5 microseconds, the ADEPT GPS AJ processor is extremely effective against intermittent jammers, multiple jammers, and pulsed jammers.

ADEPT requires no special antenna technology, making it the most effective low-cost alternative available. It is ideal for either military applications which require a simple, low-cost, effective upgrade or commercial applications in which specialized antenna hardware would be prohibitively expensive.

ADEPT is available as a component or licensed IP core.

Athena ADEPT GPS Processor
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