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Digital Signal Processing

Athena has developed the most advanced signal processing implementation methodology in use today. Starting with your unique requirements entered into a menu as functional parameters, Athena’s proprietary Siglab design infrastructure produces your customized IP core using an automated flow, which includes pipelined RTL generation, constraint generation, synthesis, and verification. Athena can quickly and efficiently produce any variant of our many IP products in days, not weeks, and without human intervention. This eliminates possible errors and allows Athena to deliver exactly what you need without delay. If you require a 25-bit 39-tap FIR filter with programmable coefficients, Athena is the choice for you. Or a 24-bit 2048-point FFT running at 300MHz in IBM 130nm technology with 29-bit internal precision? Athena again. Need it in less than 30 days? Only Athena.

FFT Products

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