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Security is an ever-present concern as the world becomes increasingly more connected. Cryptography is a crucial component of security for both networking and e-commerce applications. Public key cryptography is a process that requires high precision modular exponentiation and multiplication operations — mathematically intensive problems that bring the microprocessors found in servers and mobile terminals to their knees. Athena has introduced the application of RNS technology to the field of Public Key Cryptography, establishing the standard for both performance and efficiency. Since the introduction of the first Athena PK accelerator, the EXP-A1100, in 2001, Athena has been the premier supplier of high performance PK cores in the world, offering some of the fastest PK cores on the planet and a wide variety of solutions optimized for less performance-intensive applications.

Currently, Athena offers four families of PK cores. Athena understands that customer needs are not limited to throughput. Efficiency, latency, key length, and flexibility to perform Elliptic Curve Cryptography are also important considerations for today’s developers. Athena’s TeraFire® public key cryptography solutions showcase the strongest features of Athena’s proprietary high precision multiplier technology: speed, power efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

In addition to PK acceleration, Athena provides a full line of cryptographic accelerators including hashing, random number generation, AES and DES encryption, and others.

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