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Software Defined Radio

Product Brief (PDF)

The Athena Group delivers a family of cores for software defined radio (SDR), ready for your next SoC application. Athena's SDR family includes functions from basic building blocks to integrated upconverters and downconverters. These functions can be configured to meet the data precision and throughput required by your application, and to provide run-time configurability to target your design to multiple standards, frequencies, and modulation schemes.

Today's communications systems demand the flexibility of run-time configuration with the performance and power advantages of a dedicated SoC solution. Athena's Atomic SDR family allows you to specify an optimized solution at design-time and almost instantaneously reconfigure that solution at run-time. Athena's Atomic SDR family is suitable for implementation technologies ranging from structured ASICs, to standard-cell ASICs, to FPGAs, and enables your application to realize the power, performance, and area advantages of Athena's patented arithmetic technology in your communication application. For more information, contact Athena.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid delivery via verified firm macro
  • Synthesized to your target library and performance requirements
  • Fully verified functionality and timing
  • Compiled RTL simulation model included
  • High density, low power
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