January 30, 2001

Athena Launches A7™ Prototyping Expansion Board for Philips Velocity™ RSP7/RSP7+ Platforms

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA - January 30, 2001-- The Athena Group, Inc., today announced the release of its A7™ prototyping expansion board for the Philips Velocity™ RSP7/RSP7+ rapid silicon prototyping platforms. The A7 board is ideal for rapid prototyping of Athena's High Performance DSP functions in the Velocity environment. The new A7 board enables real-time hardware/software co-development and co-verification of Athena's DSP functions and user-defined functions.

The new Athena A7 board features Altera® Apex™ 20KE FPGAs and is available in 400K, 600K, 1000K, and 1500K gate densities. Up to three A7 boards may populate the ASB/VPB expansion slots of a Velocity RSP7/7+, providing up to 4.5M FPGA gates. Each A7 board has three direct connections for Agilent logic analyzers (48 bits total) and four direct connections for Agilent pattern generators (32 bits total), allowing efficient external design stimulus and observability. Other features include a prototyping area, clock oscillator socket, external connectivity headers, 16 user-controlled LEDs, and a JTAG programming port. Athena provides a variety of sample ultra-fast, low-power DSP IP functions with each A7 board. Athena DSP IP can also be ordered in any configuration for users' unique applications.

"The A7 Prototype Expansion Board is ideal for prototyping Athena High Performance DSP functions available through Philips Semiconductors," said Dr. Jon Mellott, CTO of Athena. "The A7 product offers outstanding design simulation, functional verification, debugging, and stress testing capabilities."


The A7 board is packaged with sample Athena High Performance DSP accelerators, programming cable, ATX power supply upgrade for the Velocity RSP7/7+, user support documentation, and EDA support files. For more detailed information, or to order this new product, visit:http://www.athena-group.com.™



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