February 7, 2005


Gainesville, FL - February 7, 2005 - The Athena Group, a provider of high-performance, low-power signal processing products, announced the immediate availability of the AVXCOR, a high performance video cross correlator. Based on Athena's proprietary, industry-leading Fast Fourier Transform technology, the AVXCOR delivers unprecedented performance for such advanced applications as automated target recognition, surveillance, and such computationally intensive applications as visual identification friend-or-foe.

“The AVXCOR represents a major step forward in real-time image recognition,” says Dr. Jon Mellott, CTO of the Athena Group. “New threats demand new technology, and the AVXCOR delivers tremendous throughput for the toughest image identification applications. The AVXCOR is engineered for scalability, with performance to address not only present-day applications but also tomorrow's applications that are still on the drawing board.”

Athena's proprietary Fast-Fourier Transform technology is the cornerstone of high performance solutions in multiple arenas, including both image processing and communications. Athena FFT technology delivers tremendous performance with low area and power, bringing feasibility to applications which were simply too big or power hungry for single chip implementations in the past. Chosen by industry leaders such as LSI Logic, Philips Semiconductors, and others, Athena technology is available as portable IP for implementation in any library/process.

The AVXCOR image cross correlator was originally designed as a small, low-power, extremely fast video cross correlator for missile seeker applications. The AVXCOR is capable of processing rates starting at 30 frames per second, with eight cross correlation surfaces per frame, on a 256x256 image. Implemented with a scalable architecture, the AVXCOR is scalable to higher frame rates, more cross correlation surfaces per frame, and larger images. Suitable for implementation in FPGA, structured ASIC, or standard cell ASIC technologies, optimized AVXCOR implementations can meet the demanding performance, form-factor, and power requirements of next generation video cross correlation applications.

About The Athena Group, Inc.
The Athena Group, Inc., of Gainesville, Florida licenses signal processing technology that delivers breakthrough performance, reduced area, and reduced power consumption in a broad range of SoC products. Athena technology is ideal for leading edge applications such as secure e-commerce, wireless communications, and video compression.

Athena was founded in 1986 and is privately held.

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