November 9, 2005


Dramatic reduction in program complexity key to unlocking performance

Gainesville, FL - November 9, 2005 - The Athena Group, a provider of high-performance, low-power signal processing and security products, today announced that as part of its efforts in the development of PowerFlow signal processing technology, prototype development is commencing which would incorporate all of the fundamental technologies required to realize the new signal processing paradigm.

While previous advances in signal processing performance have essentially relied on parallelism of small computing resources, the PowerFlow architecture takes a fundamentally different approach by integrating an array of algorithmic level accelerators in a dynamically configured switch fabric. Previous attempts to employ parallelism to add computational horsepower were unsuccessful because those attempts to add horsepower also multiplied complexity. The net result was unusable performance. PowerFlow represents the first new signal processing paradigm in decades, an architecture which reduces programming complexity and improves usable horsepower by orders of magnitude.

"Software-orchestrated signal processing is key to this advancement," points out Monica Murphy, Athena CEO. "By first allowing the programmer to simply state the organization of the algorithm and the sequential dependencies and then coupling that with evolved signal processing technology, we have achieved a breakthrough in realizable performance. Now, signal processing software need only observe and manage the hardware resources, rather than manipulate every single data transaction. The reduction in complexity is staggering, and the leap in realizable performance is just as profound."

Athena has selected LSI Logic's RapidChip Platform ASIC technology to implement PowerFlow. This first device will target software defined radio and secure communications applications, two high throughput applications that are ideal for PowerFlow. As part of the development effort, Athena is working with early adopters to include PowerFlow technology in their own SoCs. PowerFlow IP cores, complete with development kits and reference platforms, will be available starting in 2006.

"We're proud of the fact that Athena chose LSI Logic's RapidChip Platform ASIC because it is the most cost effective Mil/Aero digital logic solution in which to implement their PowerFlow signal processing technology," said John Bendekovic, director of Mil/Aero Space Marketing and Business Development, LSI Logic Corporation. "Customers using this technology in RapidChip will reap the benefits of high-performance signal processing and reduced time-to-market, with the security and power advantages of a non-volatile single-chip solution."

Key funding for the program has been provided by the Advanced Technology Program (, which bridges the gap between the research laboratory and the marketplace, stimulating prosperity through innovation. Through partnerships with the private sector, ATP's early stage investment is accelerating the development of innovative technologies that promise significant commercial payoffs and widespread benefits for the nation. Part of the highly regarded National Institute of Standards and Technology, the ATP is changing the way industry approaches R&D, providing a mechanism for industry to extend its technological reach and push the envelope of what can be attempted.

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The Athena Group, Inc., of Gainesville, Florida licenses signal processing and security technology that delivers breakthrough performance, reduced area, and reduced power consumption in a broad range of SoC products. Athena technology is ideal for leading edge applications such as secure e-commerce, wireless communications, and image processing. Athena was founded in 1986 and is privately held.

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