September 12, 2011

Athena Announces Advanced True Random Number Generator

Further Expands Athena's Extensive Line of Cryptography Products

Gainesville, FL- September 12, 2011 - The Athena Group, Inc., the leader in high-performance cryptography, today announced the availability of the Advanced True Random Number Generator (TRNG), which meets the stringent requirements for random bit generators, both deterministic and non-deterministic, as specified in NIST SP800-90 and tracks FIPS 140-3 (draft). The Advanced TRNG leverages silicon-proven non-deterministic entropy generators, fault detection, and advanced features to produce an extremely reliable, high-throughput solution.

Athena´s family of true random number generator cores are silicon proven in multiple engagements and process technologies, with working customer silicon in process nodes from 180 nm to 40 nm. The Advanced TRNG leverages this history of silicon success by integrating Athena’s silicon-proven AES core within the Advanced TRNG architecture to produce a robust solution that satisfies the NIST SP800-90 requirements. In addition, the Advanced TRNG incorporates a number of new features including metastability control for the latest low-power processes, configurable entropy source topologies, scan test, and power management, to name a few. The RNG-A200 is available for immediate delivery.

“Silicon success is the true measure of quality for any IP product,” said Dr. Jon Mellott, CTO at Athena. “Every Athena IP core that has taped out has been a first pass silicon success, and the Advanced TRNG is no exception. Random number generation is an important part of any security architecture, and the robustness and heritage of Athena´s Advanced TRNG solutions provides considerable value to Athena´s customers.”

The Advanced TRNG employs a comprehensive set of continuous testing and fail-safe protocols to ensure secure system operation. Advanced features include prediction resistance, programmable entropy factor for minimum entropy-per-bit, automatic periodic reseeding, standby (power-down) mode, and test modes. Athena delivers netlists synthesized to your target library and frequency to ensure smooth delivery and seamless integration.

Athena´s TeraFire® Security Accelerator Cores
With a complete family of security IP cores and software and multiple levels of performance for every function, Athena supports your product succession strategy. TeraFire cores have been delivered in technologies ranging from standard cell ASICs to FPGAs, ready for integration into your product. Whether your next application is a high-performance network security appliance or a low-speed data terminal, Athena is ready to help you analyze your security hardware requirements and customize a package of functions for your specific application.

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