TeraFire 5200 Series 32-bit Cryptography Microprocessor


From the market leader in high performance public key cryptography cores comes the 5200 series, a fast and efficient public key cryptography solution with multiple size and performance options that can be matched to the requirements of your application. Athena’s patented arithmetic technology delivers the performance your solution needs – low latency and high throughput – in an area efficient package. The E5211 processor is optimized for RSA-1024 operations, while the E5221 delivers higher performance for RSA2048 and larger operations.


  • NEW- SCA Countermeasures
  • Thousands of operations per second
  • Supports up to 16K-bit public key operations
  • Enhanced performance for elliptic curve operations
  • Accelerates Suite B P-curve operations
  • Implements Athena’s powerful X5200 instruction set architecture
  • Scalable for your application’s area and performance needs
  • Suitable for virtually any implementation technology
  • AMBA™ AHB and AXI bus interfaces available
  • Simple/differential power analysis (SPA/DPA) resistance available


  • Programmability enables adaptability to future public key standards
  • Autonomous operation minimizes load on host processor


  • Embedded secure processing;
  • SSL and IPsec acceleration;
  • E-commerce;
  • SSL VPN;
  • Security appliances

Available Deliverables

  • Simulation model (Verilog or VHDL)
  • Synthesizable RTL ( Verilog or VHDL) and scripts
  • Targeted, timing closed netlist
  • Verification suite
  • C Software for Host Processor (CAL-PK) and X5200 Executable Firmware
  • Assembler and Software Simulator
  • Documentation


  • 12 months maintenance and support included