The TeraFire® Advanced TRNG core (RNG-A200) complements Athena’s comprehensive suite of cryptographic IP cores, providing the essential cryptographic-grade random numbers for use in key generation, key exchange, noise generation in communications applications, and more. Portable to any semiconductor process, the TeraFire Advanced RNG core is a fast and reliable way to incorporate cryptographic-grade random numbers into your ASIC or FPGA design.

RNG-A200 Description

By combining the Athena NRBG-A200 composite ring oscillator module, a proven source of intrinsic non-deterministic entropy, with an all-hard- ware post-processor compliant with NIST SP800-90, the TeraFire Advanced TRNG core provides a direct path to FIPS 140-3 (draft) compliant random number generation.

The NRBG-A200 module in the RNG-A200 generates non-deterministic entropy using a proprietary topology of ring oscillators, uniquely customized based on library and target operating frequency. The RNG-A200 implements advanced health monitoring of the ring oscillator module that provides continuous assurance of proper operation with automatic halting on error detection. The health monitoring system is programmable, which allows customers to specify what scenarios result in warnings and/or errors. Athena’s NRBG-A200 is designed with built-in support for manufacturing test to simplify system integration and may be configured with anywhere from 2 to 32 ring oscillators, allowing a trade-off between area/power and performance. For power-sensitive designs, power management features can disable the ring oscillators when not in use.

The deterministic post-processor is based on AES counter mode as specified in NIST SP800-90. For the AES operations, the RNG-A200 core leverages Athena’s proven AES core solutions that provide multiple performance options. In addition to random number generation, the RNG-A200 provides AES cipher functionality when the random number generation is uninstantiated. The core is designed to support user selectable security strengths of 128-bits or 256-bits for random number generation.

The RNG-A200 provides sophisticated protection of its state variables and output. In accordance with NIST SP800-90, the RNG-A200 provides both prediction resistance and backtracking resistance. In addition, the output is automatically zeroized when read, and all unused entropy is discarded. The RNG-A200 supports asynchronous and/or synchronous zeroization of output and state variables to meet FIPS 140-3 (draft) requirements.

The RNG-A200 supports a number of advanced features, such as the programmable entropy factor, and many optional features specified in NIST SP800-90, such as automatic periodic reseeding, personalization strings, and additional data input. The RNG-A200 supports known answer testing of all its subsystems while in test mode, allowing customers to perform operational verification as required by NIST SP800-90.


  • NEW- SCA Countermeasures
  • SP800-90 compliant
  • Tracks the FIPS 140-3 (draft)
  • Silicon proven
  • Fast delivery
  • High performance up to 4 Gbps at 500 MHz
  • Advanced health monitoring
  • Power management
  • Prediction and backtracking resistance
  • Programmable entropy factor
  • Automatic periodic reseeding support
  • Personalization string and additional data support
  • Microprocessor bus interfaces available
  • Portable to any technology library
  • Simple/differential power analysis (SPA/DPA) resistance available


  • Encrypted data storage
  • Secure communications
  • Financial transactions
  • Noise generation

Available Deliverables:

  • Simulation model (Verilog or VHDL)
  • Synthesizable RTL ( Verilog or VHDL) and scripts
  • Targeted, timing closed netlist
  • Verification suite
  • Documentation


  • 12 months maintenance and support included