Silicon-proven, defense grade cryptography and anti-tamper solutions

Defense systems require the most sophisticated and robust security, anti-tamper, and DPA countermeasures to protect advanced technologies the warfighter relies on from compromise, reverse engineering, and exploitation by adversaries. This mandate, DODI 5200.39, applies to all defense systems, and enables the US to offer its most advanced systems to partner nations while protecting its investment in these technologies. With a 15-year legacy of providing the highest-performance density security IP for mission-critical mil-aero applications, Athena is the market leader, working with Tier 1 defense contractors directly as well as indirectly through its FPGA and ASIC partnerships.

Athena’s approach to security architecture, its flexibility, and its performance characteristics make Athena the ideal security IP partner for the most demanding defense-related security needs. Athena’s flexible cryptography microprocessor based solutions deliver the performance of hardware with the flexibility of software, and can be maintained or upgraded with firmware updates, allowing for defense customers or contractors the peace of mind that comes with future-proofing their platforms. As new security threats emerge and new encryption and countermeasures are developed, Athena’s security microprocessor can be updated on existing devices, making Athena the optimum, long-term choice for security and anti-tamper requirements.