EC Ultra Elliptic Curve Cryptography Microprocessor


From the leader in elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) cores comes the fastest ECC accelerator yet. The TeraFire® EC Ultra family of semiconductor IP cores unleashes a new class of ECC performance, based on a breakthrough architecture for ECC acceleration. Athena has achieved extraordinary performance density with EC Ultra, yielding an impressive increase of almost 5X over Athena’s E5200.

Product Description

TeraFire® EC Ultra IP cores accelerate EC point multiplies and ECDSA signs and verifies over NIST P-curves. Configurations can include as many P-curves as needed or can eliminate unnecessary curves to save system resources. Any curve may be supported, including Brainpool curves and non-singlular Weierstrass curves with the optional Programmable Curves feature.

EC Ultra 8K is the fastest core in the EC Ultra family and is capable of per- forming an ECDSA P-256 verify in less than 132 μs at 500MHz. EC Ultra 4K and 2K offer the same outstanding performance density as EC Ultra 8K in more compact forms.


  • NEW- SCA Countermeasures

  • Up to 5,300 ECDSA P-256 verify operations per second at 500 MHz (ASIC)

  • Up to 2,300 ECDSA P-384 verify operations per second at 500 MHz (ASIC)

  • Suitable for virtually any implementation technology

  • Portable to both ASIC and FPGA

  • AMBATM AHB and AXI bus interfaces available

  • Simple/differential power analysis (SPA/DPA) resistance available


  • Autonomous operation minimizes load on host processor

  • Complete Suite B solution with ultra ECC performance when integrated with the F5200B


  • Embedded secure processing

  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communications (V2V)

  • SSL and IKE acceleration

  • E-commerce

  • Security appliances


  • Simulation model (Verilog or VHDL)

  • Synthesizable RTL ( Verilog or VHDL) and scripts

  • Targeted, timing closed netlist

  • Verification suite

  • C Software for Host Processor (CAL-PK)

  • Documentation


  • 12 months maintenance and support included