Athena & Intel: Unprecedented Boot Security for Stratix 10


White Paper: Intel® Stratix® 10 Secure Device Manager

The introduction of Athena’s TeraFire® cryptographic accelerators in Intel’s Stratix 10® FPGAs redefines cryptographically secure boot for SRAM FPGAs. With unprecedented cryptographic performance, Stratix 10 is able to configure/reconfigure fast and secure, leveraging Athena’s technology in the Secure Device Manager (SDM) to achieve strong DPA resistance with a secure boot protocol.

This same Athena TeraFire cryptographic technology, and the full suite of Athena cryptographic IP, are available as soft IP cores optimized specifically for Intel FPGAs, including cores which include Athena's InterStealth side channel attack/differential power analysis (SCA/DPA) countermeasures technology. InterStealth countermeasures are a breakthrough innovation in the field of SCA/DPA countermeasures, delivering the strongest resistance available with place and route independence, a first for SCA/DPA countermeasures. 

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