Highest Performance-Density crypto & anti-tamper for IoT

When size & power matter

Many analysts agree that the Internet of things (IoT) may well prove to be one of the most defining technology trends of the next 10 years. From smart home, smart grid, IoT platforms, and industrial IoT applications, the use cases are broad. Just as the Internet has become ubiquitous in our personal lives, IoT will be even more pervasive and transparent, as devices connect and share data autonomously, without human intervention.

IoT connected devices are becoming ubiquitous, running everything from our homes to critical infrastructure such as utilities, farms, and industrial facilities.  This ubiquity makes security paramount for IoT.  Just as we have seen with every other form of networked device, hacking is inevitable, whether motivated by profit or geopolitical interests. As a consequence, protecting the IoT from malicious threats is critical.

Because many IoT devices are by necessity low-cost and low-power, the overhead associated with security must be minimized. Security for IoT must be both fast and low-power to maximize efficiency within a minimal footprint. Athena leads the way with the highest performance-density anti-tamper and cryptography solutions for IoT devices today. Operating 20 times faster than software, Athena’s hardware security solutions can dramatically reduce IoT device costs by minimizing duty-cycle – the time that a device has to be on – for impressive reductions in power consumption and significant improvements in battery life.